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Belly dance videos for total beginners, crash-course style, dance workout and in-depth belly dancing classes. Take the fast track to learn the basics, with solid technique from step one. Practice and perfect your technique with our belly dance workout video non-stop movement programs, all featuring real performance dance moves in beautifully-resolved and gradually-built combinations.


Belly dancing is an excellent tool for losing weight and sustaining weight loss, for body toning and mood enhancement. Bellydance fitness is the BIGGEST creative fitness trend because it allows women to be sensual and draw power from their femininity; it gives women a big social advantage: the command of graceful movement, sensual dance and body language; it promotes self-acceptance, because it looks equally great on all body types; it gives extra motivation to stay on track for weight loss.

Dance around the world!

Dance around the world! >> NO PARTNER, NO PROBLEMO!! << All *solo* women's dance styles. SALSA, BRAZILIAN SAMBA, FLAMENCO, BOLLYWOOD, COUNTRY DANCE!


From the showgirls in the Burlesque movie, to burlesque dancers on the stages of night clubs and cabaret theaters, to burlesque workout classes in fitness clubs, to runway fashions inspired by burlesque costumes, vogue looks evoking burlesque makeup, and vintage pinup images on boxes of candy, burlesque has captured our imagination again and it's a big burlesque revival moment worldwide! ...Exotic dance is a term that describes the type of movement performed in sexy dance genres such as stripper dance, chair dance, and opening portions of pole dance. Like many other dance forms exotic dance has become a popular fitness discipline. Fitness clubs offer sexy dance classes, such as exotic dancing, pole dance, go-go dance, striptease and burlesque to help women feel emotionally engaged while maintaining non-stop movement required for toning and weight loss programs.


Tribal Fusion belly dance is a blend of hip-hop, belly dancing, Indian dance, and other world dance styles. It is a cutting-edge, young-demographic trend, widely popular in the US & gaining momentum in Asia and Europe.
Hip hop dance classes on video from World Dance New York feature street styles and choreographed music-video style hip-hop dance as seen on MTV...and you will be learning from New York's top instructors!

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  • Belly Dance Crash Course with Neon

    2 videos

    Video 1 Belly Dance Fluid Moves & Arms/Hans Articulation Crash Course with Neon
    Video 2 Belly Dance Percussive Moves & Footwork Crash Course with Neon

    Detailed explanations & demonstrations of belly dance moves by Neon, acclaimed creator of fast-track methods of teaching bellydance. Absolute beg...

  • Femme Fatale Belly Dance Choreography, by Neon

    1 video

    Neon's Femme Fatale is an advanced, professional level classic belly dance performance choreography with an optional mysterious veiled entrance, where you will appear in front of your audience and start your dance under a long sheer veil that completely covers your body from your head to the floo...

  • Salomé - Interm. BellyDance Choreography, Naraya

    1 video

    Naraya's 'Salome' Tribal Fusion choreography presents a dramatic archetypal image that emphasizes story-telling through dance.
    The program contains a step-by-step breakdown of its entire choreography.
    Also including tips on expression, projection, and developing meaningful dance.
    Practice with mu...

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